Doki Launches the dokiWatch S Kid’s Smartwatch with Alexa Support

Doki Launches the dokiWatch S Kid’s Smartwatch with Alexa Support


Doki Technologies has launched a new kid’s smartwatch this week. It’s called the dokiWatch S, and it’s nothing short of feature-packed.

The dokiWatch S has GSM connectivity and a front-facing camera, so it can be used to make and receive voice and video calls. It also has GPS connectivity, so that the wearer’s location can be tracked in real-time. But, most impressively of all, it has Amazon Alexa integration, so it can be used to answer virtually any question.

Called ‘dokiAsk’, this feature gives kids the ability to get answers to questions anytime, anywhere, without asking their parents. Of course, certain learning processes are blocked for the good of parental teaching. For instance, the dokiWatch S can’t tell a kid how they should behave, or whether they should clean up their room.

Parents can set up GPS boundaries for their kids so that they receive smartphone or tablet alerts if their child leaves a pre-set location. The dokiWatch can also be put into ‘Class Mode’, which deactivates the smart features during set hours.

New features for this smartwatch include dokiAsk, which we covered above, and two-way video calling. VOIP calling is also included to reduce phone bills, and there’s a scheduler feature so kids can learn to take responsibility by completing tasks on time. There’s also a photo album, which lets kids cycle through all their device photos. All dokiWatch S watches also have an SOS alert feature with pre-set contacts for emergencies.

The dokiWatch S has a good battery life too. Your kid will get 24-hours from the battery under normal use, or around 8 hours with GPS turned on all day.

Pricing and Availability 


The dokiWatch S is available for pre-order now from the doki website. It is priced at $219.00, and is available in ‘Sonic Blue’ or ‘Dazzle Pink’. The doki application is available to download from the Apple App Store and from the Google Play Store.

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